Friday, May 8, 2009

Outdoor Kitchen Design Classes at NKBA Chapter Meetings

Outdoor kitchens represent a meaningful growth opportunity for many design professionals, including kitchen designers. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has taught a number of classes on outdoor kitchen design for a variety of professional associations.

Our educational materials have been developed out of experience with hundreds of outdoor kitchens, and from a desire to encourage great design that delivers wonderful experiences for homeowners. Most recently, I spoke at the NKBA Rocky Mountain Chapter meeting to more than 60 members, covering outdoor kitchen design basics and specific recommendations for making projects a resounding success. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

"I was exceptionally pleased with your NKBA presentation on outdoor kitchens last
Thursday in Fort Collins." - Tim Clemens, Animas Kitchen & Bath LLC

"Just wanted to thank you for presenting 'How To Design an Outdoor Kitchen' last Thursday to the Colorado NKBA Chapter. It was extremely informative and have a project in the fall that I could use your knowledge for. My guest, who is a builder in the Mountains (around 9,000 feet), was also very impressed and we both got ideas we could easily implement." - Erica Kalkofen, Erica Kalkofen Designs, LLC

"After meeting you and enjoying your marvelous seminar last night at BAC on Outdoor Kitchen Design I wanted to follow up on our conversation. I would be very interested in becoming a Kalamazoo Gourmet Professional Partner..." - Lori Pivonka, Kitchens at the Denver

Thank you to NKBA Rocky Mountain Chapter for a wonderful meeting, and thank to Builder's Appliance Center for sponsoring the event. If you are a member of the NKBA, ASLA, APLD or ASID, and you are interested in a seminar on outdoor kitchen design, please email your request to

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